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Ananay Batra

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Proofreading is a painstaking process of carefully analyzing text and finding any errors. It is highly effort-intensive, time-consuming, and tedious, and hence, even professionals try to avoid doing it.

Every writer has faced this situation at least once: They painstakingly proofread their content to check and re-check their grammatical mistakes and syntax. But when they submit it or happen to re-read it after a few days, they still find a few errors that could’ve been easily fixed earlier.

Errors in sentence formations, verb tense, preposition usage, grammar, etc., arise even after using word processors, spelling checkers, and grammar assistants. It is time to go at it in a new way and use TTS to have your words read back to you.

The Proofreading Predicament

Psychologist Tom Stafford explained the reason behind it in an article in the WIRED Magazine. He mentioned that we don’t catch every detail while reading our work as a computer does.

While proofreading our work, we are already aware of the message we want to convey. We expect that message to be there in the writing. Hence, it becomes very easy for our brains to skip parts (or all) of the sentences without focusing on their meaning.

It implies that we never fully read what is really written. Instead, in the act of re-reading our articles, we simply revisit their pre-existing versions in our heads. So we don’t notice the errors at all. Even if we read our sentences out loud, we’ll still say some part of it without the mistakes.

To avoid such instances while proofreading, writers prefer to leave their articles for a day or two and reset their mental image. This gives them a fresh approach to their writings. But in today’s schedule-driven business world with deadlines, you simply can’t afford to do that.

There is also the stress, anxiety, and boredom of having to read the same stuff repeatedly.

How TTS Improves Proofreading

Whether you’re a blogger, copywriter, or web content provider, leveraging TTS for proofreading gives you a whole new perspective on your writing and adds a different layer of editing to it.

It is usually impossible for writers to always have an editor or someone else check their work. Leveraging TTS is the closest thing to having a real person reading the piece aloud. You can hear the writing in real-time, quickly pinpoint the mistakes and improve the overall writing quality.

It saves the time and effort spent reading the text aloud and is way more efficient and effective than manual proofreading. Because it reads what is actually written, you can hear the errors in grammar, phrasing, coherence, clarity, etc.

You might be surprised by the mistakes you discover in your work by listening to it externally. You might have never noticed a phrase having the same word twice in a row. Or that you used a word in multiple consecutive sentences, making the content sound repetitive and awkward.

Sometimes, a sentence may be grammatically correct but not resonate well with the paragraph as a whole. The flow of ideas, words, or sentences can also be slightly off. There can also be a repetition of the same ideas in different words. Such errors will become apparent when you hear them because grammar checkers can’t catch them.

There is an optimum number of words to convey the message effectively when writing. If the words are too few, the readers won’t understand the message. Whereas too many words will dilute the message.

When the TTS platform reads the text aloud to you, you can analyze it from the readers’ perspective and quickly identify the places where there are a wrong number of words.

Choosing the Right TTS app

Modern-day computers and smartphones come with their own built-in TTS engines. But they make the proofreading process worse with their imperfect pronunciations and stiff and mechanical voices.

Leveraging AI-powered all-in-one TTS platforms like Listnr can effectively make your proofreading easier and improve the quality of your writing. Listnr efficiently generates high-quality text-to-speech voice within seconds, saving you a huge amount of time and effort.

One of the most prominent advantages this TTS platform offers is that it produces incredibly realistic and accurate TTS voices using AI. You might expect computers and software to generate a mechanical and methodical voice. But Listnr generates high-quality human-sounding voices.

It achieves this by offering you a vast library of over 570+ unique voices and over 75+ different languages to choose from. You can customize the voice styles, pace, pauses, pronunciations, etc. to choose the most definitive voice that you are comfortable listening to for long proofreading and editing periods.

To learn how you can leverage AI-powered TTS to efficiently proofread your writing and improve its overall quality, start with Listnr for free!



How do I use Google Text to Speech?

To use google text to speech, install their software on your browser, select and highlight the desired text you want to listen to, right-click, and choose the text to speech option. The browser extension will start reading out the text. While this offers 10+ accents for you to choose from, Listnr comes with over 570+ unique voices in 75+ different languages.

What is the best TTS voice?

The best TTS voice is the one that is realistic, does not sound mechanical, and is effective in multiple languages. Using AI-powered TTS platforms like Listnr can help you achieve this. It facilitates a vast library of over 75+ different languages and over 570+ unique voice styles. It further allows easy customization of the audio style, pronunciations, pauses, speed, etc. to give it a human character.

Are Indian TTS free?

Indian all-in-one TTS platforms like Listnr are free for up to 500-word conversions in a month. You can visit their homepage to try their software for free and generate AI-powered high-quality realistic voices that have a more human character to them. It supports a vast library of different languages and voice styles to help you produce the most definitive voice for your brand.

What does a TTS do?

A TTS (text to speech) platform such as Listnr converts your desired written text into audible speech. All you need to do is enter your text into their textbox, select the desired voice style and language, and let the audio synthesizer do the conversion. Listnr further allows you to effectively customize the voice speed, pronunciations, pause durations, etc.

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