Text to Speech: Making A Case For Audio Content

Ananay Batra

Ananay Batra

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From podcasts, audio articles, and audiobooks, the demand for audio content has been rising exponentially. In the US alone, over 68% of the 12+ population (approx. 193 million people) listen to audio content every month. And the average time spent per week on doing so is over 16 hours and 14 minutes!

This content medium has gradually evolved into an integral component of media consumption for listeners. It is considered the most immersive and trusted media format compared to other sources.

Let us discover the ways in which audio can revolutionize your content strategies and how leveraging the right TTS platforms help you achieve that.

Extend Your Content’s Reach with TTS


Text-to-speech technology can significantly help you enable and enhance your content because it extends your content’s reach. In this medium, the people are no more compelled to keep staring at the screen to consume the desired information.

It opens up access to your material for people with visual impairments, reading disabilities, learning issues, etc. They can listen to your blogs, articles, research papers, journals, e-books, etc., and comprehend it more easily than what reading would have allowed them.

With robust TTS platforms like Listnr, you can create your audio content in over 75+ different languages and 570+ unique voice styles within seconds! It allows you to cater to a diverse and much wider audience in their preferred language and style.

The platform further allows you to personalize your audio by customizing its pronunciations, pause durations, speed, etc. Not only does this extend your reach, but it also increases your engagement with the audience.

Listnr is AI-powered to produce a voice that is realistic, sounds natural, and contains more character. Its wide range of styles and languages and elaborate customizability coupled with the power of AI allow the platform to produce accurate and definitive audio for the text you enter.

Increase Content Accessibility and Improve User Experience

Another prominent benefit of TTS technology is the improved accessibility to the content that it provides its audience with. Since the audience is not restricted to the screen anymore, they can access and consume content while simultaneously attending to their other important tasks.

They can listen to your audio blogs and/or content while checking mail, driving a car, walking a dog, cooking food, working out, browsing an internet site, to name a few.

As a result, TTS enables you to enhance your website’s user experience by giving them a convenient medium to gain access to your content. By using platforms like Listnr to produce your audio content, you can very easily distribute it through the platform’s embeddable audio player widget. With it, you can embed your audio easily to your websites.

You can further customize the audio player itself by adding the ‘Download’ and ‘Share’ action buttons on the widget. It also allows you to customize the share settings and choose the social media platforms to add as a button for the audience. With this, you can easily share the content on your preferred pages with a click.

The platform further enables you to easily export and share your audio with your audience within a minute. After converting your text file into digital audio, you get the option of downloading it for offline sharing in both the WAV and MP3 formats.

Save On Recording Costs

The cost-efficiency of TTS technology is one of its most appealing factors. With the rapidly increasing listener base for audio content, many creators are adopting this medium to provide their content. But recording your text with a voice actor and trying to find the same person to make small changes can be immensely expensive, effort-intensive, and time-consuming.

With text-to-speech platforms like Listnr, all you need to do is type in your textual content, wait for the program to synthesize the high-quality audio with AI, and download and share the converted content!

Audio content is becoming increasingly popular. You cannot ignore the vast potential of implementing this medium in your content strategies. To know further about how you can use text-to-speech to produce accessible, engaging, and quality audio content, try Listnr for free!


Is there a free app that will read text aloud?

Listnr is a robust and feature-rich TTS platform that uses AI to produce realistic and high-quality voices for you. It offers you a vast library of over 570+ different voice styles and 75+ different languages for you to choose from and is free for up to 500-word conversions per month.

How do you implement text-to-speech?

To implement Listnr’s text-to-speech, all you need to do is type in your custom text in the text box and wait for the platform’s speech synthesizer to convert that into audible speech. Then you can simply download the audio or use Listnr’s embeddable audio player widget to embed it in your website.

How do I turn my text into voice?

Feature-rich and AI-powered TTS platform Listnr enables you to convert your custom text into a high-quality and realistic voice within seconds. The platform even allows you to customize the voice’s speed, pauses, pronunciations, and style. To create the most definitive voice for your brand, you can choose from a vast library of over 570+ different voice styles and 75+ different languages with Listnr.

Is there any free text to speech software with natural voices?

Listnr is an AI-powered TTS platform that is free for up to 1000-word conversations per month. With it, you can generate realistic and natural voices chosen from a vast library of over 142+ different languages and 1000+ different voices. The platform further facilitates easy customizability of the pauses, pronunciations, speed, and style of the voice.

How do I make custom text-to-speech voices?

You can easily create your custom text-to-speech voice with Listnr. The platform allows you to type in your desired text in its text box. Then, it makes use of AI to synthesize that text into a high-quality and realistic speech for you. Furthermore, it also facilitates easy customizability of the pause duration, speed, and pronunciation of the voice to find the right audio that you desire.

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