How businesses can improve their bottom lines with text to speech (TTS) technology

Ananay Batra

Ananay Batra

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Text to speech technology is adding value across industry verticals today. Done right, it can help you raise the bar in providing brand content and make your business global. Read the article to know more about how leveraging TTS platforms can improve your business’s bottom line.

Services that can convert written text into realistic spoken words have grown to be one of the most attractive and in-demand propositions worldwide. A recent study found that during these uncertain times, among all forms of media, audio content resonated the most with people. It drove better immersion and had the highest consumer engagement level.

Text to speech (TTS) technology is not just limited to communication and entertainment devices. It has the potential to revolutionize your business by improving your reach, productivity, customer interaction, and engagement!

Following are the ways in which robust TTS platforms like Listnr can help you improve your business's bottom lines.



Go Global

Platforms like Listnr can help you reach and appeal to a diverse audience across the world by enabling you to record your promotional materials in over 570+ unique voices and 75+ different languages. Providing your services to people in their preferred languages and styles can exponentially boost your audience engagement and retention.

Because of this versatility, you can give your audience improved access to your business services.

Make Your Content More Accessible

Over 2.2 billion people worldwide have visual impairment, near or distant. Furthermore, numerous people suffer from conditions like dyslexia and learning disabilities. When building a brand, it becomes vital to cater to this mass segment of the population that is often overlooked.

Audio is an excellent way to share your content with people with learning disabilities, low reading skills, or less literacy in the English language. When listening to written words aloud, they can comprehend and grasp the content better. They can also get to improve their knowledge of the language and its pronunciations.

A Blessing for Non-Native English Speakers

TTS tech can help non-native English speakers better grasp the language and its nuances. Due to platforms like Listnr, the voiceovers become more realistic and sound more human than mechanical. It also makes it easier for the older population to understand and interpret the content.

Cost Efficiency

Another appealing reason to implement TTS in employee training is the ease it provides in making changes. It becomes expensive and time-consuming to find the same voice actor again to make a small change in the voiceover.

Text-to-speech platforms can help you create and edit custom voiceovers for your brand materials and save your time, effort, and money on the recording process. All you need is to type in your changed text, and your voice can be instantly downloaded and shared. That enables your business to be at the top of the latest trends and changes.

Enhance Employee Training

Often, new employee training is conducted in the form of presentation slides and documents. But with TTS technology, your new employees can read and listen to the training material at the same time, hence improving their learning quality.

Take Branding a Step Further

A robust TTS software like Listnr can help you create a unique voice for your brand. It enables you to easily customize the voiceovers you create. In addition to achieving a high-quality realistic voice, you can create a particular style that you desire.

The platform allows you to choose a specific voice style, modify the pause durations, choose different pronunciations, and even change the speed of the voiceover. This customizability enables you to produce the definitive voice to represent your brand.

You can implement it in your advertisements, automated answering systems, reading out manuals and essential documents, embedded audio in your websites, and other promotional materials. Moreover, through TTS, you can send personal voice alerts to multiple people at the same time, which helps employees break through the chaos of piling text messages and emails.


Today, there is an exponentially growing listener base for businesses to leverage. Text to speech technology provides the much-needed convenience and access to content for people to consume on the go while multitasking. Done right, leveraging robust platforms like Listnr can help you raise the bar in providing brand content and make your business global.

To know more about how you can leverage TTS platforms to improve your business’s bottom line, get started with Listnr for free!


1. What are the uses of text to speech?

Text to speech can be used to enhance the reach of your content and make it available in different languages and styles to cater to a diverse audience. With AI-powered TTS platforms like Listnr, you can generate quality voiceovers that can be shared and embedded easily to facilitate easy accessibility.

2. What is good text-to-speech software?

Good text-to-speech software provides you with a vast library of voices in different languages and allows you to create high-quality and realistic AI voiceovers in no time. Listnr comes with over 570+ voices in 75+ different languages. It further allows you to distribute and embed your audio anywhere easily.

3. Is it possible to create a voice using TTS?

With robust TTS platforms like Listnr, you can easily create high-quality and realistic text-to-speech voices with the help of AI. It facilitates you with a vast library of over 570 voices available in over 75 different languages for you to choose from, along with your own script and style.

4. What is the most realistic TTS voice?

The most realistic TTS voice is the one that uses AI to power its voice generation. That makes the voiceover sound more genuine and high quality. With AI-powered TTS platforms like Listnr, you can easily generate realistic voiceovers in hundreds of different voices and languages of your choice.

5. How can I change my male voice to a female voice online?

Using feature-rich TTS platforms like Listnr, you can generate a unique female voice for yourself in any language, script, and style. The platform provides you with an expansive library of over 570+ voices and over 75+ languages for you to choose from and uses AI to generate high-quality and realistic voiceovers.


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