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Ananay Batra

Ananay Batra

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With the rising demand for audio content around the globe, the voiceover industry has been proliferating. From podcasts, audiobooks, e-learning to assistive apps (Siri, Alexa, etc.) and self-commands in smart devices, voiceovers have become an integral aspect of information dissemination.

As this industry expands, there has been a dramatic increase in the need for remote information that is not only easily accessible but also available in diverse dialects and accents. Among them, Hindi is one of the most sought-after languages for voiceovers and for providing audio content.

Making their audio content available in widely spoken languages such as Hindi, the fourth most-spoken language globally, helps brands and institutions reach a broader audience and provide a more personalized content experience.

AI-powered TTS platforms like Listnr are designed to help you generate custom voiceovers in numerous languages and styles to generate content for global and local audiences and provide them content in their desired medium.

Read ahead to find out how Listnr can enable you to provide high-quality Hindi voiceovers to your audiences.


Ease of Use

Listnr is a robust and easy-to-use platform with multiple features. It comes with an AI voice synthesizer that effectively converts your text input into audible digital speech. To convert your content into a Hindi voice, all you need to do is type or paste the text you want to convert, in the platform’s textbox. You do not have to be concerned about typing it out in the Hindi font.

When you input your content, Listnr allows you to select the desired language from an extensive selection of over 75+ different languages, including Hindi. The platform then synthesizes the text into high-quality audio within seconds by leveraging the power of AI.

AI-Powered Realism with Elaborate Customization

Numerous TTS platforms can help you effectively convert your text into digital voice. But while most TTS voiceovers sound methodical and mechanical, Listnr helps you create a definitive voice for your brand that stands out. It does so by generating a high-quality, error-free, and realistic voice powered by AI.

After inserting your text, the platform gives you an option to choose from a vast library of over 570+ unique voice styles. It allows you to customize the pause durations, speech speed, pronunciations, accent, etc., to facilitate a much more human-sounding voice.

Listnr’s TTS platform enables you to efficiently tackle the complexities of the language and cater to a wider audience by providing them content in their desired Hindi variants and styles.

By attending to the local and non-native audiences, you have a better scope of spreading your brand awareness and higher chances of gaining loyal customers in the long term.

Simple Distribution


Following the voiceover generation, Listnr allows you to embed the audio on any platform using its embeddable audio player widget. By embedding the Hindi voiceover in your websites, you can make more people aware of your brand.

The platform allows you to easily export high-quality audio files within a minute. After you click on the ‘Convert’ button to change the text to audio, you can directly download it in WAV or MP3 formats and distribute it.

What more? You can use all the valuable features of the platform for free for up to 500-word conversions per month! You can check out their transparent and affordable pricing model to avail of premium features. To know more about how you can get an exceptional Hindi voiceover with Listnr, start for free!


How do I change the text-to-speech accent?

With elaborate TTS platforms like Listnr, you can easily customize your text-to-speech voiceovers. It offers you access to a vast selection of over 570+ unique voice styles. To generate the most definitive voice for your brand, you can choose the desired language, a suitable style, pause durations, pronunciations, accent, speech speed, etc.

Where can I find text to speech?

You can find easy and effective text-to-speech conversation through the use of robust and feature-rich TTS platforms such as Listnr. It leverages the power of AI to generate high-quality and realistic voiceovers that sound more human than methodical. The platform allows you to effectively customize the style and language of the voice to provide more personalized content to the audience.

How to convert Japanese text to speech?

With AI-powered TTS platforms like Listnr, you can access an extensive library of over 75+ different languages, including Japanese. You can simply input the desired text in the text box, choose Japanese under the language category, customize the style, and let the platform synthesize the voice. Once converted, you can download or embed the voice on your website.

Is Indian TTS free?

Feature-rich Indian TTS platforms like Listnr are free for up to 500-word conversions per month. It allows you to choose from a vast library of over 75+ different languages and 570+ unique voice styles. People can start creating voiceovers for free with a demo and then choose a suitable plan to continue producing high-quality content for their brands.

Is text-to-speech effective?

Text-to-speech is an effective assistive technology that helps people comprehend the content and strengthen their grasp of the written content and its pronunciations. With robust platforms like Listnr, you can provide textual content to people in their preferred language and style. It helps make their learning experience more personal and effective.


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