Speechify review: Is it worth it? [2024]

Ananay Batra

Ananay Batra

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Speechify is a popular text-to-speech software that is used to convert text from books, articles, and other digital content into speech.

It’s designed to assist individuals who have visual impairments, dyslexia, or any other condition that makes reading difficult. In this review, we will discuss the key features, pros, and cons of Speechify.

Key Features

  1. Easy to Use: The software is user-friendly and easy to install. The user interface is simple and clean, making it easy for users to navigate and create new documents using PDFs or links.
  2. Multiple Language Support: Speechify supports multiple languages, making it ideal for users who speak different languages. The software can read content in 30 different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and many more.
  3. Customizable: Users can customize the speed, voice, and other settings to suit their preferences. Users can choose from a range of voices, including male and female voices, to make the reading experience more engaging. Although all these are Pro/premium features and will cost you extra
  4. Integration: Speechify has a mobile app and chrome extension to make things more accessible.
  5. Highlighting: Speechify comes with a highlighting feature that helps users keep track of the text being read. This feature highlights the text being read, making it easy for users to follow along.
  6. Offline Mode: Speechify can also be used in offline mode, which means users can access their saved documents even when they are not connected to the internet.


  1. Accessibility: Speechify makes it easy for users to access digital content without straining their eyes or struggling to read. This feature is especially useful for individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties.
  2. Efficiency: The software can read content at a faster rate than the average reading speed, saving users time. This feature is particularly useful for users who need to go through a lot of content in a short amount of time.
  3. Multi-Platform: Speechify is available on different platforms, including iOS, Android, and web. This feature allows users to use the software on different devices without having to purchase a separate license.
  4. Natural Sounding Voices: Speechify uses natural-sounding voices that are easy on the ears. This feature makes the reading experience more enjoyable and engaging for users.


  1. Limited Voice Options: The software has limited voice options, which may not suit everyone's preferences. Some users may find the available voices too robotic or unnatural.
  2. Inaccurate Pronunciation: Speechify may mispronounce some words or names, which can be frustrating for users. This issue can be addressed by using the software's pronunciation editor, which allows users to correct mispronunciations.
  3. Limited Customization Options: The software's customization options are limited, which may be a drawback for some users. Users may not be able to customize the software to their liking, which can be a dealbreaker for some.
  4. Expensive: One major drawback of Speechify is that it is expensive for the value it provides. Compared to other text-to-speech software in the market, Speechify is significantly more expensive, which may be a dealbreaker for some users. While it offers a wide range of features, its high price may make it less accessible to some individuals who could benefit from its use.

Listnr — The best Speechify Alternative

If you're looking for an alternative to Speechify, Listnr is an excellent choice. Listnr is a text-to-speech software that offers a more natural-sounding voice, making it perfect for longer voiceovers.

Listnr also includes more customization options, such as adding background music and adjusting the volume of the voiceover without any extra cost.

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Overall, Speechify is a great text-to-speech app that offers a wide range of features to users. Its ease of use, efficiency, and affordability make it an ideal choice for individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties.

The software's ability to read content in multiple languages, its cloud sync feature and its highlighting feature make it stand out from other text-to-speech software in the market. If you are looking for reliable and efficient text-to-speech software, Speechify is worth considering.

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