How to Submit Your Podcast to iTunes, Spotify, and others in 2022

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Want to know how to distribute your podcast to iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts in 2021? There are two things that matter the most, read further to know more!

Want to know how to distribute your podcast to iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts? There are two things that matter the most, read further to know more!


Get the word out!

When one starts a podcast, they need to make sure that their show is available on all platforms where regular listeners are frequent customers, which means that it needs to be in the main podcast directories.

For apps like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify to recognize your offering to podcast space, it is kind of a given that you make these channels aware of your presence.

No better time than the present to promote yourself to the big leagues

Steps to distribute your content to major Podcast Directories —

Apple Podcasts:

Step #1: Create or log into your Apple ID

One would require an Apple ID to make use of the Apple Podcast Connect. Also, it is generally recommended to not use your personal Apple account for the same.


It is preferable to create a new Apple ID that you will be mainly using for podcasting. One more thing to be kept in mind is that you verify your newly created Apple ID. This could be done via logging into the iTunes store either from your desktop or phone before you log in to Podcast Connect.

Step #2: Sign up for podcast hosting

You need a Podcast Host in order to distribute your Podcast to different platforms.

Hosting a podcast is distinct from hosting a website because it provides unique tools targeted for maximizing the experience of the subscriber.

Popular podcast hosting services include - Listnr, Podbean, Buzzsprout, Transistor and many more.

Here are the Top 10 Podcast hosting services in 2022.

Step #3: Publish at least one episode

It is recommended that you go ahead and record at least one episode and upload it to your preferred podcast hosting service before heading to publish on Apple Podcast Connect. lets you record, host and distribute your podcast in one place for free, check it out here -

Step #4: Log in to Apple Podcast Connect

After successfully logging in to Apple Podcast Connect with your newly created Apple ID, Now login into your host account and copy and paste your RSS feed URL.

Copy your podcast’s RSS Feed URL to Apple podcast Connect and Click Validate.

Step #5: Podcast Validation

Apple will provide you with a preview of your podcast’s information, including any content you have in the feed. The validation process takes around 5–8 days and occurs only once.


Step #1:

Head over to Spotify for Podcasters > log in to your Spotify account, or create one if you don’t already have one. You can select “Log In” or “Get Started” to proceed.


Login to Spotify with your preferred email account.


After you have logged in, select “Get Started” on the “Add your podcast” page.


If prompted, read through the terms and conditions of the Podcast License Agreement, check the box, enter your legal name and then click on “Continue.”


Enter your podcasts’ RSS feed URL into the provided box and select “Next.” If an error pops up after filling out the RSS Feed URL, there will be a prompt below the RSS feed box notifying you of the issue.


Step #2:

On the “Add podcast info” page, select your country, language, category, and hosting provider and press “Next.”

Review your podcast details and finally click on “Submit.”

Google Podcasts:

Step #1:

Head over to the Google Podcast Manager portal and click on Start Now.


Add your podcasts RSS feed and click on “Next Step” > Preview the Feed (changes can be made in ‘Show Settings’ in your dashboard)


Google Podcast Manager

Step #2: Preview the Feed

    • Send Verification Code (if the email address in the RSS Feed is different than the email used in Google Podcasts Manager)
    • Verify Ownership
    • Click Submit
    • Ownership Verified
    • Click Get Started
    • Publish your podcast and wait for approval. This could take a couple of days, as someone has to manually approve your feed

Wrapping up

Once you have narrowed down the list on which leading directories you will be sharing your newly launched podcast, the next big thing would be to carve up a promotion strategy to engage more and more audiences and jump on the podcasting bandwagon.

Looking for a Podcast hosting solution? Try and create 1 Podcast Show for free.

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