Best AI Voice Generators in 2024

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Check out the best text to speech tools in 2024.

AI Speech is becoming more and more popular by the day, and choosing the right TTS tool for your use case is very important. Our vetted list of top text to speech tools in 2023 will help you make an informed decision.

There are many AI Voice Generator tools, but the end output and quality differ for most. To help you make the right pick, here's a list of the best text-to-speech tools in 2023.

Since the user does not have to concentrate or needs 100% of their attention, text-to-speech comes in handy. TTS applications usually use AI voices or automated computer-generated voices to read out a particular text aloud. In contrast, the more premium application has a sound that is very close to human speech.

Since multiple AI Voice Generator tools in the market offer very similar features, we've put together a list of the top 10 text-to-speech tools in 2023, including free and paid options that you can consider using.

1. Listnr


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Listnr is one of the top text-to-speech platforms that uses a state-of-the-art speech synthesis system powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep-Learning algorithms to reproduce the most human-sounding audio from your text.

The use of AI and deep learning enables the platform to learn and understand human interactions and nuances and help capture audio that has its unique vocal style, accurate pronunciations, and over 600+ different voices in 75+ different languages.

This comprehensive support for multiple languages and the option to use unique voices help Listnr stand out from the other text-to-speech apps on the list. It is also competitively priced for its numerous features.


Starting at $1 per month with a super affordable Student plan, plans go up to $199 per month.


    • Customizable AI Text to Speech available in over 600 voices and 80+ languages
    • Customizable Audio player for your brand
    • User-friendly UI/UX
    • Unlimited Podcast Hosting and distribution
    • Unlimted audio exports

2. Balabolka

Balabolka is a no-cost text-to-speech application that allows users to translate text into spoken words and export audio files in a wide variety of formats, such as .WAV, .MP3, .MP4, .WMA, and .OGG. Although the user interface is a bit outdated and clunky, it does offer relatively adequate functionality that meets many needs. This tool also needs updates regularly for new languages.


    • Free basic text-to-speech capabilities


    • Designed for beginners and people who have never used a text-to-voice program
    • Customization options for multiple settings, including articulation, reading speed, and voice style
    • Good compatibility with Microsoft Windows
    • Bookmarking tools make studying and work easier

3. NaturalReader

NaturalReader is a sophisticated text-to-speech app and browser extension that is popular for both commercial and personal use. The AI-powered voice reader features more natural-sounding voices than some of its competitors, making an excellent choice for a wide variety of purposes.


    • Limited free version available
    • Personal version is a one-time payment of $99.50
    • Professional version is a one-time payment of $129.50
    • Ultimate version is a one-time payment of $199.50


    • Scan images and convert them to audio text using OCR technology
    • Compatible with desktop and mobile devices
    • Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems
    • Speech voices are able to identify specific syntactic environments

4. Amazon Polly


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From the brand that gave us Alexa, the voice-activated assistant, Amazon Polly is another offering from the tech giant that provides an intelligent text-to-speech system. It uses deep-learning techniques to turn text into lifelike speech and is ideal for creating a speech-enabled app that works with a broad set of languages and works in different countries.


Free for the first 12 months and includes 5 million characters per month for text-to-speech conversion. After, you'll be charged $4 per 1 million characters of speech or Speech Marks requests. Neural Voices are priced at $16 per million characters for speech.



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MURF is an AI-enabled voice generator that specializes in making studio-quality voiceovers that can be used for podcasts, videos, or professional presentations.

The app can use your script voice recording to be covered into hyper-realistic AI voices and provides voices trained by professional voiceover artists. It supports 19 languages and provides 100+ voice options that you can use as per your requirements.


MURF starts from a free plan that allows you to use all 100+ voices to generate 10 minutes of voice generation or transcript, while the Basic ($13 per month), Pro ($26 per month), and Enterprise ($69 per month) offer advanced features like access control, team collaboration and more.


Text-to-speech technology is becoming increasingly important and comes with deep-learning mechanisms that provide accurate and reliable outputs. When considering the best text-to-speech solution, you need to consider the expected accuracy, expected quality of output, and add-on features that will help make your experience smooth and simple.

Listnr is an app that generates high-quality text-to-speech audio in seconds. This makes it the ideal tool for converting text inputs into stellar audio formats, which podcasters, agencies, and freelancers can use to create exceptional audio experiences. To find out more about Listnr reach out to us and get started with Listnr for free!

Try Listnr Text to Speech for free!

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